What is a genius idea?

That’s an idea how to improve teaching, learning or class situation. This idea has been tested, improved and found “genious”. Usually it is something students tell at home their parents and teachers tell other teachers.

How do I develop a genius idea?

Time needed: 0 to 1000 min.

Refer to something you like or you would like to improve. Think about the others: will they like it too? Is it good to them? Identify a way how to make it possible for others. Find risks and obstacles and deal with them accordingly. Make sure your idea gets alive and develops. Try to evaluate if your idea is alive and useful. Communicate it to others and be happy if it works! If not try to evaluate the problems and try to implement an adapted version – or a new idea – next time. Doing that you develop a variety of great ideas and many methods how to make them live.

Would you like to share your genius idea



There was a teacher who saw that frogs were growing in the still-water behind the pool. He wanted to show students how frogs develop.

He organized a little aquarium, put rocks and plants in it and caught some little frogs.

Day by day students can now observe the development of the little pollywogs and draw it in their books.