Time needed: 10 – 20 min

Why? Students get their own responsibility for their lessons and learning activity. The teachers will get two evaluations directly with one methodology, first while monitoring the test development in the content of the questionnaire the teacher can see where are learning gaps and second of course during monitoring the question answers.  This methodology is also a learning instrument during the test creation weaker students in the group will also find new knowledge or be able to repeat already taught knowledge.

When? Any time an evaluation is needed with testing or examination.

How? Divide the class in groups and let them develop their own test or examination under you supervision. One group is creating the test for the other group. Write the test and let them also evaluate the test result after finishing the test.

Any risks? Be careful with creating the groups, care for a meaningful mixture of students, it is not very helpful to put all weak students in one group and all strong students in the other, if you mix up your groups very clever you will be surprised about the efficiency of this learning and testing method.