Time needed: periodically 2 – 5 min

Why?  This workbook is forcing students to study self-responsible about in class taught topics in school.

When?  This methodology is very useful to give to early finishers special extra tasks, or to support weak students to give the tasks in the book as self study tasks for break-times or special tutorials.

How?  Ask every student to bring an empty thicker writing book to school.Every time when you realize difficulties you can give them extra tasks to fulfill and let them write this in the book, but don’t let them finish it in class, this book is for self-responsible studies. Tell the students, if they still don’t understand special topics they should try to finish those tasks, whenever they like. This book can be filled all the time with tasks, from every subject teacher, so that other subject teachers also have the chance to participate and use this as different instrument in class, special for early finishers which every teacher has to face.

Any risks? Don’t let them bring the book back home, it should stay in school, otherwise they will finish all the tasks at home, this is a conscious instrument for forcing and supporting self-responsible studies of students in school.