Time needed: 20-30 min

Why? A wall newspaper is a compiled source of information on a particular topic in the form of newspaper clippings and articles, which are mounted on a wall. Creates a wall paper by an author or author team.

When? In the education system, the wall paper is part of the methodology. Primarily on their results are recorded by the group work and so not involved in the work made ​​accessible. The bulletin board can be used as a memory of the class. For the class council is an important tool for the creation of an agenda. They usually has three columns: I criticize, I find it good, I suggest. College and university wall newspapers are still an indispensable information tool, where students can find course schedules, meeting deadlines, student union communications and cafeteria menus.

How? You can dived the class in different groups which prepare different materials to different topics and built up the wall newspaper to offer the absorbed knowledge to the other groups which are not involved in that topic. You also can involve the whole class to develop one wall newspaper project together as evaluation if they understood a taught topic, this method is a very effective method to transport knowledge and information and to control absorbed knowledge.

Any risk? There is actually no risk, students mostly love such practical confrontation with taught topics, sometimes if you give the responsibility 100% in the hand of the students mistakes are not preventable, but handle this with the premise: everyone is learning from mistakes.