Time needed: max 30 min

Why? Method 635 is among the creativity techniques, a brain-writing technique, which promotes a problem-solving process to generate new and unusual ideas in a group of people.

When? For low to medium complexity problem species, as a follow-up action on the brainstorming session for the systematic deepening of the basic ideas, suitable to explore the potential of a new raw material, a new process, etc.

How? Six equal participants receive each large sheet of paper. This will be separated the 3 columns and 6 lines in 18 boxes. Each participant is asked to formulate the first line to three ideas (one per column). After a reasonable time – according to the difficulty of the problem about 3 to 5 minutes – each sheet all at the same time, will be passed clockwise. The next is to try to address the aforementioned ideas to complement and develop. The name of the method was based on the optimal six group members who produce three initial ideas and then five times each with three first or further develop ideas derived from (6 participants, each with 3 ideas that pass five times). This method produces within a maximum of 30 minutes 108 Ideas: 6 participants x 3 x 6 lines of ideas.

Any risks? The clear advantages of the direct feedback, the possibility of having many ideas in a relatively short time and that ideas will not be discussed to death is also accompanied by the following disadvantages, sometimes it is a difficult handling, the very fixed expiration mechanism can interfere the creativity and sometimes the redundancy, in the worst case is total of only three ideas.