Time needed: 2 – 4 weeks

Why? Collective-Notebook is classified as a creative technique to brain writing techniques. In this technique, the participants must not collect at the same time and same place ideas. This method support creativity and partnership.

When? Each participant will receive a task for a problem on one open-ended period of time (usually two to four weeks) to document his ideas and thoughts in writing. They should use a notebook, which contains the first pages a description of the problem. Participants should carry the notebook whenever possible, to capture emerging ideas also spontaneously.
This technique is also suitable for additional ideas, which often occur due to relaxation after a session as flashes of creativity to collect.
There are at least two participants to carry out required. The duration can be adjusted as needed with them. In many sources, a period is recommended 2 to 4 weeks.


  • Preparation phase: 1. Problem formulation, 2. participants choosing, 3. preparation of  the notebooks
  • Implementation phase: 1. Make notes on the prepared blocks, 2. spontaneous entries, 3. daily permanent entries,  4. Summary and Conclusion
  • Evaluation:  1. match Summaries, 2. control the notes, 3. Basic proposals to develop problem-solving, 4. concept development in joint group meetings

Any risks? the advantages are: that the team members do not influence each other. It is not necessary that the team is working all the time together on the problem. The ideas can then be collected, if they occur. Participants must not speak the same language. More complex issues can be handled. the only disadvantage is that this method takes a very long time.