Time needed: 10-max 15 min

Why? The Apollo is a method of cooperative learning and is part of the Civic Education. This method can crest coexistence roles. The rules can be set up for a class trip, for cooperation in education, in a department or throughout the school. This could then lead to a school constitution.

When? This method can be used in classes with difficult social structure facing discipline problems.

How? The first step is that everyone is writing their ideas involved working together or learning together. Then the group works together. Matching suggestions are taken together and summarized into a rule. Diverging proposals are written on another list.
In the second step, two working groups, four participants together, and repeat the procedure from the first step.
The final step is a random, for example, by lot, to summarize all the results given by all groups. Then the class discussed the list with the divergent proposals. Either the points to the overall set of rules added or incorporated in a special list of minority positions.

Any risks? Actually there is no risk, its a chance to overcome misunderstandings and discipline problems. In connection with the Joint Negotiating and setting rules for all able in teaching complex concepts such as the democratic process and the common good of the Act and the sanctions will be discussed. At this point, rule violations, sanctions and punishment are not abstract teaching subjects, but are directly related to the joint work on their own laws, its own constitution for the class and school community.