Time needed: 15 min

Why? The three-step interview is a method of cooperative learning and is part of the Civic Education. It aims to promote the specific questions and active listening.

When? Topics for the three-step interview are for example, have experience in the field of democracy, justice, values ​​and so on, or reactions triggered by a poem, etc., or conclusions arising from a teaching unit. With this method you can determine the personal experiences of the learner, and then build up examples in the classroom or workshops.

How? The students are divided into groups of three students.

  1. person A interviews person B, person C as an observer makes notes about the main statements.
  2. the interviewed person B interviews Person C, Person A makes taking notes as an observer on the main statements.
  3. the interviewed Person C interviews Person A, Person B makes taking notes as an observer on the main statements.

Then two groups of three are merged. The six observers report based on their notes on the key aspects.

Any risks? Students might be using to much time for the interviews, that’s why the teachers should clearly give times limits for each interview (e.g. 3 minutes) and than strictly disconnect the interview.