Time needed: 20 min

Why? Every one is sharing secrets with them self easier then in open discussions.

When? Any time after a taught topic or a finish of a duration of a taught subject.

How? Give the students time to write to them self, or to a good friend a letter. In that letter they have to explain, what they learned the last weeks about that special topic and they also reflecting how they can use that in their daily life. The teacher can collect it and give it back after another session is over, so that everyone can read again their letters, after some weeks.

If the teacher is using the “letter to a friend” method the students can also give advises and the friends can answer in the beginning of the following lesson. Then collect the letters and go on like above described, collect them and give it back after a some weeks or days.

Any risks? The students mostly have a lot of fun while writing to them self or a friend, of course some students will write private things as well, which is ok, to focus them, the teacher should tell them that he will collect the letters. it is sometimes helpful to let them write private things, these “private” topics can be transporter for the subject as well, even just in small parts.