Time needed: 10 – 15 min

Why? To develop a graphic involves knowledge, abstraction skills, phantasy and fun. This is a good methodology to evaluate if students taught topics already absorbed and how they really developed already an understanding about taught topics. While they draw such graphics they need to involve their absorbed knowledge to express those in a different presentation format.

When? Any time when you need evaluation and a fun method to relax study atmosphere as an instrument for you to find out how students absorbed taught topics already.

How? Give them a clear taught topic and ask students to form and draw a graphic involving the knowledge they have about the topic.

Any risks? Every student is different, some are very quick to fulfill such a task, others need longer and are not that skillful in drawing graphics, give them time and prepare for early finishers special additional tasks. Based on the fact that you involve another skill, to use that as the only evaluation instrument it is not enough. It is a good way as an additional instrument in addition with other evaluation evaluational instruments.