Time needed: 5 – 10 min

Why? Quiz is a kind of game, and games are enjoyable and relaxing the lesson atmosphere. A quiz is always a very enjoyable possibility of controlling and check absorbed knowledge without putting students in a stressful test or examination situation.

When? Any time you need to check or evaluate absorbed knowledge in the end of one topic duration.

How? Prepare subject and content or topic connected review questions and ask students to answer it, or let students ask questions and their peers answer. You also can modify the winner criteria in different ways. The quickest answer, the most complete answer, the most brilliant idea, the most imaginatively concept……. is the winner. Never forget rewards!

Any risks?  The only risk is that always the same students will answer, built up a quiz system that everyone will get the chance to answer, something like to give limited answer possibilities or a special created answer circle or code system. This also can be regulated that the winner will give the next chance to someone of his wish, those system ideas are endless. As more joy you yourself have to create a quiz full of phantasy as more students will enjoy the execution of the quiz.