Time needed: 10 min

Why? To support students self-responsible learning strategies give them a task to teach to their class peers. This is supporting not just only the motivation from the student who got the task. It is also supporting other students motivation to give the same or better presentations. This is an ideal preparation for University system learning strategies, but also useful already in lower classes to get students used to such methodology.

When? Any time to introduce or continue a topic, as well as as control of absorbed knowledge.

How? Give students a topic and let them research as home work self-responsible for background information and let them teach those information to their class peers.

Any risks? The student who is preparing the micro-teaching could give out wrong information. Don’t be afraid about that, you can give the topic to all students, just one is preparing the presentation, so students will be a kind of self-control as well you are there to guide and correct the presenter. Of course you can also control the presentation material before the student is holding the micro-teaching, but this is always a bit taking the power and motivation out of the presentation, so better you correct mistakes while the micro-teaching.