Time needed: max 15 min

Why? Everyone has idols and with them connected dreams and everyone likes to talk about those connections and dreams.

When? This method is promoting communication skills. You can use this method to check students grammar, communication and also social skills and abilities.

How? Every students will be asked to bring one photo from a famous person and introduce this person to the peers. Discussions between the students  are promoting social connectivity and also this is a good method for team building in collecting information about someone together and decide which information is selective correct or incorrect. You can also let them write an newspaper article about that person in pairs or groups or also individually and form a kind of competition which article is the most informative or the most interesting, or the shortest with the most information, or containing the most gossips. Let them decide after reading and listening to their articles in which kind of newspaper would they publish it.

Any risks? Its time-consuming so give the students clear instructions and clear points they can follow and organize a clear time frame for that task.