Time needed: 45 min (one lesson)

Why? Teaching outside of classroom is always breaking usual rituals and making teaching interesting and life connected.

When? Any time you can imagine to find the topic you are teaching in very closed connection to the daily practical life, even sometimes if you cant imagine there is any practical connection, search for it and you will be surprised how much daily life connection you will find.

How? Just prepare your lesson very connective for an outside environment, find cross connections outside of class. You also can use that method to give students a self-responsibly task  to find from outside the classroom things which are connected to the taught subject and later on you can involve it inside of the classroom again, let them explain the reasons why they choose their items. Visit companies, malls and any other very daily life connected places to deliver your subject.

Any risks? With forming daily life connection you cannot make any mistakes, it is for everyone very enjoyable to find these connections and also the self-responsible learning effect is enormous. The only risk is with those field trips that students get easily destructed, be aware about that and structure those field-trips clever to give space for destruction and involve back to the topic leading methodologies.