Time needed: 20 – 30 min

Why?  To work on a fictive CV is supporting the connection between phantasy development with topic connected knowledge, as well teaching students how to make an effective CV for themselves later on.

When? Any time you can imagine to repeat absorbed knowledge in a different unusual format.

How? Give the students the task to develop a CV of a fictive person, as an example in Biology, this person is a Specialist for Oceanology, let them form the CV, starting from Place of birth: near the ocean? etc., hobbies: fishes in an aquarium etc., educational background: high school in a city near the ocean, vocational education as a aquarium caretaker, study of biology, dr. in oceanology, involve all special certifications, etc. Let them after finishing the CV introduce this person imagine the student is that person and let them tell about their reasons why they learned or studied this or that, including background and interests.

Any risks? If your are not clear in your instructions, the students will be confused and probably explaining anything else than topic connected content. So be very clear about the result of that method and what students should achieve with such a format.