Time needed: 5 – 20 min

Why? Modern latest technology is the future of the daily life. As sooner students get to know those things as easier it is for them to find effective orientation in those devices.

When? You can involve this any time in your lesson, for new researches, to lay fundamental basics for absorbed knowledge, provide interdisciplinary problem solutions etc.

How? If you start to work on a new topic, students love to search in the internet by self already in advance, use this chance and guide them to find out by self, in case of providing fundamental additional information, let them search by their own, its an ideal method to teach them self responsibility and force curiosity.

Any risks? There is no risk every student love to search in the internet because its nearly border-less entertaining and endless full of new knowledge from many different perspectives.  Just one risk is that students get lost in the diversity of the internet, so they need a clear guidance and clear roles and structured research requirements. Don’t underestimate students with thinking they will misuse those time for private fun, this is also a part of understanding how to research, guide them correctly with clear specifications and than private fun plus educational needs are meeting in a productive very effective way.