Time needed: 45-90 min

Why? Classrooms are the smallest common denominator of life. They are quite neutral places in order to study and learn. If you have the chance to do a walk-out though to visit a place where things “really” happen, do it. It’s easier to learnn that way, and muuch more fun.

When? If interesting locations a nearby, it’s easy to visit them. Is could be a garden outside, a flower shop or an industrial plant grower, an botanical garden, or a walk in the jungle or forest. It could be a ride in the angkot or a viait to a museum. Let your local knowledge meet phantasy.

How? Make sure school administration knows well in advance about your plans. Sometimes lessions have to be shifted or combined if you need more time. Prepare students in advance for the walkout, or surprise them, it’s up to you.

Any risks? Visits of places outside the classroom should be embeded in the overall concept what you teach at what time. Walkouts should not just “happen” becaues there is nothing else to do. Make sure you coordinate experiences of students in the lession after to gain the educational dividende for every student.