Time needed: 10 to 15 min

Why? This method forces the students to take their position non verbal about one taught topic.

When? Any time after a taught topic to discover knowledge with a covered method which is forcing the subconscious to discover positions.

How? The teachers has to bring two things to class which are connected to the taught topic, put them on the floor, and the students have to decide to stand closer or more far from the objects and take action. Some students will stand closer to the first one others closer to the second. After they decide how far they will take their position, the teachers ask them why they are standing closed and why to the special object closed. After they answer, the teacher ask why they don’t stand closed to the other object. It is also possible to open a discussion about that.

Any risks? Some students don’t want to tell reasons of their decisions, don’t force them, try to open a discussion with all students, mostly those students will suddenly change their position or will fight for their positions in telling unforced the reason by self.