Time needed: 10 – 20 min

Why? To sort things, bring things in order, structure topics, built up cross connections is supporting structured learning strategies and working environment.

When? Every time students have to understand large systematic links and cross connections. This methodology can be used for all groups of students in any age level and class format, as well for nearly any subject. This methodology can be used all the time, as often as it is matches, students will learn naturally without pressure to start to think with structured systematic strategies.

How? In lower levels you can let them order things in colors, with sizes, numerous sorting, smaller and bigger, let them order pattern, weight, volume or start with senses. In higher levels you can use cross connections in nearly every topic, let them develop systematic concepts in small dimensions until big more complex systems. To use other methodologies like: let them make a video, is using the precondition of developing scenery, this is an example of sort and order items in higher more complex thinking.

Any risks? There is no risk, just only profit for students to start learning to think systematically.