Time needed: 3 – 5 min

Why? Including latest modern technology in the daily teaching process.

When? All the time students need to search for new knowledge, or if you make a review and students haven’t been able to solve the review tasks by self, let them search for help.

How? Several TV games shows using that method as a telephone joker. The students have four chances in case of competition or recall knowledge

  1. answer by self
  2. ask a classmate
  3. ask a classmate from a parallel class same level
  4. ask someone via phone call outside from school.

Any risks? There is a big discussion of using hand phones in class, of course we also agree to not allow permanently hand phone use in class, but for special situations it is very helpful to ease a lesson situation with difficult or boring topic background. Make the research as a game and competition as well. Once more of course general use of hand phones in class is disturbing a concentrated learning atmosphere. But why should we general exclude modern devices from our teaching methodologies? Just give clear instruction and roles about that special event in class, so that every student knows how to handle the special situation of using a hand phone special for that one lesson event.