Time needed: 2 – 5 min

Why? A healthy laughter is the secret of a happy life.

When? Any time you get the chance to laugh in your class – do it.

How? Did you every recognized that jokes are a clever conclusion out of reflection of the daily life. We are proclaiming daily life connected teaching – so cleaver jokes are the basis of our lessons. Allow students and yourself to absorb and live funny situations. Allow students and yourself to tell spontaneously jokes in class. Laugh about yourself, this is teaching students to handle own weak moments humorously.  Go one step forward and let students create topic connected jokes, you will be surprised how much knowledge you need to create such jokes and how much skills students developed already in that field. Hahahahahahahaha

Any risks? Laugh as often you can it is taking pressure out of hard learning situations and the process of laughing refreshes the brain by taking an enormously amount of fresh air inside your lounges in a very short moment. The only role you should install in that case is laughing about yourself its a quality, but laughing on the expense of others is a bad character trait.