Time needed: 1 to 15 min.

Why? Singing is an emotional act. It creates bonding and a common ground for all activities. Singing comforts and singing is fun. Fun is better for learning.

When? Any time you feel like it’s time for a change in method. Try to have some songs in your repertoire, for different kind of age groups.

How? There are two possibilities. Either your students know the song already, then go ahead. Find a reason to sing a song – it could be any reason, even “just for fun” or to start with a common activity. If your students don’t know the song, don’t be afraid to teach them. Line by line. You could write down the text to the whiteboard. Third possibility, it’s a song your students know and you don’t know. In this case: switch roles. Ask a student to become teacher and you will learn the song.

Any risks? If it’s only you who sings it’s not an act happening together. So choose a song which is adequate for your target group. Short and fun – long and fast, there are hundreds of songs out there.