Time needed: 45-90 min

Why? Students presenting a topic learn an active way of dealing with content. This is necessary to develop sustainable knowledge.

When? Once in a time or regularily, presentations are possible in most circumstances.

How? Let students form groups and give them time to prepare content assigned by you or by themself. Help them to find out different roles for every member of the group. One is fine with drawing a poster, the other likes to describe a certain situation by telling a story, etc. Dont’t forget to let a group answer questions of their collegues after the presentation and provide feedback.

Any risks? If repeated and groups stay the same it can happen that personal development gets stuck and group presentations become a boring routine. Help your students to develop new skills and change roles within the groups. Make sure topics assigned to the groups are interesting and challenging. We don’t want to bore our students the hell out, neither as class, nor as goups. This is even more important when you want them to become actively involved.